small plates

Mixed Olives
assorted mediterranean olives | crostini

Peasants Picnic
chorizo deviled eggs | choice of cheese | house pickled vegetable crudités | baguette | orange blossom honey butter

fingerling potatoes | chorizo | aioli

Queso Pimento
manchego | poblano | pimento | toast points

Mole de Pollo
chicken skewers | mole | avocado | housemade tortilla

Heritage Farms Pork Belly
spice crust | fingerling hash brown | pepper jelly

Smoky Madras Curry Shrimp
fingerling potato | carrot | tomato | herbs | crostini

Lamb and Veal Meatballs
red pepper basil coulis | tzatziki

Argentine Mix Grill
beef and chicken skewers | chimichurri | piquant sauce | gaucho bean cake

Grass Fed Beef Sliders
pimento | mixed greens | tomato | Novas brioche

Seared Lamb Lollies
sea salted honey herb glaze | organic greens | tzatziki

Heirloom Tomato Salad
goat cheese | organic greens | rosemary infused extra virgin olive oil | balsamic reduction | toast points

Siano Buratta Board
roast roma tomato | toast points

Cheese and Charcuterie

Choice of Three or Choice of Five


The Drunken Goat
Spain | Semi-Soft | Red Wine

Ashe Co. Mountain Cheddar
NC | Sharp

Neals Dairy Yard
England | Colston Bassett Stilton Blue | Creamy

NC | Water Buffalo | Smooth, Mild

Little Shepherd
Italy | Raw Cows | Creamy, Floral

Kentucky Rose
Kentucky | Raw Cows | Buttery, Pecan

Midnight Moon
California | Goats Milk | Nutty and Brown Buttery

Gruyère Surchoix
Switzerland | Raw Cows | Fruity Aroma

Queso Ibores
Spain | Raw Goats | Spanish Paprika | Buttery

Shakerag Blue
Tennessee | Raw Cows | Tangy, Complex

Beemster X-O
Netherlands | Butterscotch, Whiskey, Pecan, Crumbly, Granular


Sweet Sopressata
North Carolina | Pork | Salami

Lady Edison
North Carolina | Cured Country Ham

Virginia | Sangiovese | Smoked Sweet Paprika | Salami

Utah | Pork | Salami

Virginia | Sangiovese | Apple-Wood smoked salami

Utah | Pork | Salami

California | Pork Shoulder | Dry Cured Coppa


Ask for daily selection

* Due to limitations of our kitchen facility, we are unable to make any accommodations for food allergies. No alterations or substitutions please.