small plates

Mixed Olives
assorted mediterranean olives | lavash

Huevos Ibericos
deviled egg platter with ham | watermelon rind giardiniera

Watermelon and Heirloom Tomato Salad
chevre | fennel vinaigrette | cracked black pepper

Siano Burrata Board
local burrata | roasted tomato | lavash

Queso Pimento
manchego | poblano | pimento | lavash

farmer’s potatoes | chorizo (optional) | saffron aioli

Carne Kabobs A LA Carte
Chicken | carribean drum pan style
Beef | chimichurri marinade
Tuna | wasabi pea and sesame encrusted
Shrimp | thai red curry, coconut, lime

Wild Mushroom Flatbread
wild mushrooms | garlic | thyme | manchego | red wine | puff pastry

Avacado Flatbread
avacado | lime | pickled red onion | balsamic reduction | sea salt | puff pastry

Luna Sliders
beef | queso pimento | mixed greens | tomato | brioche

Hombre Sliders
beef | wild mushrooms | manchego | brioche

Street Corn
summer cobs | charred | ancho and lime butter

Farm Fresh Veggie
chef selected and prepared

Cheese and Charcuterie

Choice of Three or Choice of Five from our Chef’s Daily Selection


Ask for daily selection